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On this page we plan to make scripts available that allow one to translate between different types of models, and to decide whether two models of the same type are equivalent.


Statemachinelib is a java library which supports the following :

  • models: lts,ioa,moore,dfa,mealy ( in future also efsm with register models )
  • these models:
    • are immutable in java
    • can easily be build in java using a builder
  • export and import for the models to the following file formats : dot,gml,aut,graphml
  • you can customize the import and export by giving your own formatting style for the transition label. For instance for a mealy machine we could represent the transition label in dot file in several ways :
    • a/b
    • ?a / !b
    • Ia / Ob
  • several conversions between models. Some examples
    • if a mealy machine is represented in an ioa model then we can convert it to a mealy model. The other way around is always possible!
    • a moore model can be converted to a mealy model by placing the state output on all the incoming transitions
    • the dfa and mealy models in statemachinelib can be converted to their corresponding models in automatalib which is used by learnlib

Sut Tool

Using the Sut tool we can easily generate a running SUT from a register model to which you can then communicate over network sockets. By using the CADP tool set it also supports flattening of register models to a fixed integer domain. Using