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Biometric passport

Source publication: [ASV10]

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The biometric passport is an electronic passport provided with a computer chip and antenna to authenticate the identity of travelers. Examples of used protocols are Basic Access Control (BAC), Active Authentication (AA) and Extended Access Control (EAC). Official standards are documented in the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) Doc 9303 [ICAO9303P1V1],[ICAO9303P1V2],[ICAO9303P3]. In [ASV10], LearnLib was used to automatically generate a model of fragments of these protocols as implemented on an authentic biometric passport. The data on the chip could be accessed via a smart card reader with JMRTD serving as API. A simple mapper component was constructed as an intermediary between the SUT and LearnLib.

Simplified model of the biometric passport
Fig. 1: Simplified model of the biometric passport
SUT model
Fig. 2: SUT model